The Muslim Conquest of Britain

Letter From England

Many people fear that there will be a violent conflict in Britain with the Muslims.  They are wrong.  Al Qaeda may commit the most appalling atrocities in the United Kingdom, as it has done in New York and Madrid, but the coming struggle will not be a violent one.  Most of the Muslims living in Britain have the same personal concerns as their nominally Christian neighbors—health, home, family, children, employment, business, enjoyment, consumption, ownership, taking care for one’s old age.  They are not going to put these at risk, nor do they feel any great animosity to their vaguely Christian neighbors with whom they must deal on an everyday basis.  Among Muslims, only a few young students and drop-out types are going to become terrorists.  Muslim suicide bombers may sound terrifying, but they are no different from an Irish Republican bomber supplied with a sophisticated timer paid for by Colombian drug dealers or Boston bartenders.  The Muslim takeover of Britain will be a peaceful one, a product of the rottenness of a liberal Britain in which no one is expected, indeed permitted, to take any pride in their particular national or religious identity.  The Muslims alone understand the need for boundaries and solidarity.  In the land of the politically correct, victory goes to those who still believe in themselves.

The defeat of the nominally—perhaps one should say, ancestrally—Christian...

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