The Missing Opposition

The late and great Sam Francis famously described the Republicans as the “Stupid Party,” pointing out that its leaders were always shooting themselves in the foot or chickening out and defeating their own declared positions.  Actually, although in general not terribly bright, Republican leaders are smart enough to take care of their own power and profits, which was all along their only real goal.  The mistake is in assuming that they ever had any ideas or principles to begin with.  The stupidity is on the part of the Republican voters who have allowed GOP leaders to get away with this forever.  In their defense, it can be said that many have stopped voting altogether, and that others vote Republican only because they can’t locate “None of the Above” on the ballot.

With the Third World President busy destroying the future of your and my American descendants in favor of foreign invaders, there has never been a greater need in American history for a real opposition party.  But, in fact, there has not been a real opposition party in U.S. politics since Mr. Jefferson sent Colonel Hamilton and His Excellency John Adams heading back north.  In the 1830’s, when there was a bitter conflict of opinion and interest between a prohibitive tariff and free trade, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren wafted into the White House by declaring themselves stalwart supporters of “a...

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