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The Military's War on Nature

If the Beltway right has any confidence it can win the culture war, the latest news from River City should shatter that illusion.  Departing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has declared war on nature.  Military women will now serve in combat.  “Valor knows no gender,” President Obama said, as if whether a woman can be physically courageous was ever the question.

The crazy decision came in late January with the support of the Pentagon’s military elite.  Know this: If your 190-pound athlete son enlists in the Marine Corps, he may find himself in a foxhole in the Hindu Kush with two pig-tailed girls who weigh 110 pounds apiece.  If he gets shot, you had better pray for deliverance from Heaven, because the girls won’t be strong enough to carry him out.

This is what the first Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces, for which I served as a media liaison, learned 20 years ago.  Hard as it is to believe, a panel of intelligent citizens had to study what common sense and human history make obvious—that women shouldn’t serve in combat for the very practical reason that 99.99 percent of them are not equipped for it physically.

Perhaps the most persuasive piece was a physiological graph that showed something that is, again, obvious to anyone but a Ph.D. or an aging feminist who fantasizes about...

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