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The Forgotten Casualty of the Iraq War?

What, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  This development has resulted in the sort of newsroom hand-wringing that one usually finds only when a reporter for the nation’s most prestigious newspaper is caught fabricating quotations in scores of news stories.

Where is the liberal media when we need it?  There is no question that the journalism profession is populated, top to bottom, with people who share a liberal vision of the world.  This is a source of constant frustration to conservatives and libertarians, since news editors and reporters always see the good in government agencies and refuse to give serious attention to information that, say, casts aspersions on the one constitutional right left in this nation—the right to an abortion.

Presumably, modern liberals should not like wars, especially ones waged by Republican presidents.  Yet, in the nation’s newspapers, there was very little skepticism toward the Bush administration’s bogus claims about the threat Saddam Hussein posed to the world.

Editor & Publisher, an industry publication for journalists, featured an opinion piece on its website on June 12, asking whether the press was asleep at the wheel before the war started with regard to WMD’s.  As columnist Joe Strupp wrote:

Although newspapers before the war did report the disagreement between administration...

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