The Mandela Mandala

Every year, the Christian calendar is more and more marginalized by anti-Christian “holidays” and commemorations.  In 2013, the first week of Advent, by decree of President Obama and National Public Radio, was displaced by Nelson Mandela Week.  Since we were only in December, I could not wait to see what our masters will pull out of their fez in February!  Churches and religious organizations—not necessarily ultraliberal—followed suit, and Christians in the pews were enthused by sermons and hagiographies that glorified a violent revolutionary who had once been branded a terrorist by a wiser government of the United States.

That Mandela was a terrorist who promoted terrorism throughout most of his career is not open to question, nor is there any doubt about his support from communist regimes or of his open admiration for Marxist thugs like Fidel Castro.  Some conservative editorialists were a little disturbed by this, but they quickly went on to reassure their readers that white racism was the greatest evil in the world, not the Marxist tyrannies that murdered something like 150 million people in the 20th century.

Well, times have changed, obviously, and Christian conservatives who once championed doctrinal orthodoxy, Western civilization, traditional marriage, and individual responsibility now have nothing but praise for the enemies not only...

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