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The Malaise Within

Prof. Trifkovic, the Chinese elite wants to be the top dog in the New World Order as much as the Anglo-American elite. So, why has the Anglo-American elite been tearing down its power base, the United States, while at the same time building up the Chinese elite’s power base, China? What does the Anglo-American elite hold over the Chinese elite to keep it subordinated? If the the Anglo-American elite holds nothing over the Chinese elite, why is the Anglo-American elite acting so irrational and illogical?
—Thomas Allen
Franklinton, N.C.

Prof. Trifkovic replies:

Instead of the old dichotomy between China’s “one-party dictatorship” and “American democracy,” what we have today is the competition between China’s meritocratic elite—steeped in the classic Confucian values—and America’s postmodern quasi-elite.
The latter is recruited exclusively from the intersectional left, which is morbidly obsessed with countless –isms (climatism, transgenderism, multiculturalism, etc.), devoted to “equity” however defined, and terminally steeped in civilizational self-hate. It completely dominates the media, academe, big business (most notably the key internet technology sector), entertainment,...

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