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The Limits of Russophilia

Despite all the media attention devoted to it, Russia’s incursion into Ukraine poses no threat to the United States.  Soviet Russia was a mortal threat to the United States because she embodied a communist ideology with aspirations of global hegemony.  The threat died with that ideology, which is why Americans who believe that the goal of U.S. foreign policy should be the advancement of American interests have been virtually unanimous in the belief that America should not intervene in the dispute between Moscow and Kiev.

Vladimir Putin clearly believes that the goal of Russian foreign policy should be the advancement of Russian interests.  There is little doubt that Putin has done a better job governing Russia than did the hapless Boris Yeltsin or the succession of communist tyrants who preceded him.  Putin’s rhetoric is also blessedly free of the globalist cant that has come to characterize our own leaders’ rhetoric.  These facts have caused many conservatives to profess a guarded admiration of the former KGB officer, and others to embrace an ardent Russophilia.  But the fact that Russia is no longer a threat to us and that Putin is no globalist does not mean that Russia is always in the right.  Russia was a threat to her neighbors long before Lenin plunged the country into a profound darkness that would last seven decades.

Many conservatives...

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