The Left’s Long March

On June 2, FOX News’s The Five were discussing the Harvard commencement speech of ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg, in which he pointed out that something like 95 percent of the faculty had supported Obama.  Their discussion ended with Bob Beckel, the program’s voice from the left, wondering why so few conservatives went into college teaching, and going on to muse that it was probably because they were too stupid.

Does Beckel—whose full name, I’ve just discovered, is Robert Gilliland Beckel—really think that colleges are 95-percent liberal-left because lefties have a monopoly on brain power?  Everyone who knows anything at all about college and university campuses knows that what campus lefties have a monopoly on is political power.  The reason there are so few conservative faculty is that the lefties make sure that conservative applicants aren’t appointed in the first place.  This is certainly the case in humanities departments.  In the college from which I recently retired, I know of one remaining conservative.  He’s in the economics department, and he’s in his 50’s.

The preselection hiring process has been going on for a long time, but two interrelated changes that coalesced in the 1980’s rendered its effects well-nigh infallibly accurate.

The first was a recrudescence of Marxism in academic circles in the 1970’s. ...

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