The Labour Minders

Gordon Brown’s media handlers have taken to ensuring that he frequently appears in front of the country’s journalists while in the company of children.  This is presumably intended to soften his public image.  However, when a 50-year-old man with a tendency to overdo the stage makeup, who suffers a series of bizarre facial tics and vocal stutters and grins fixedly over apparent signs of depression, starts appearing regularly in the company of children, he seems more like a closeted clown just itching to get his suit off, the big yellow pants on, and the balloon animals out.

The situation for Brown’s party is truly dire, with even their historic fortresses crumbling.  The Scots have been seduced by the Scottish Nationalist Party, which looks likely to break the stranglehold the Labour Mafia have held for decades over the most socialist part of the United Kingdom.  Meanwhile, current predictions are that Wales, another core Labour region, will give a majority of its votes to the Conservatives for the first time in the era of universal suffrage.  Nationally, Labour polled 15 percent in the elections to the European Soviet last spring.  They are currently polling in the low to mid 20’s.  At those levels Labour will be wiped out, barring a few pockets of resistance in the former industrial cities, and it’s anyone’s guess whether their true level of support is closer to the European number.


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