The Job of Sex

The lares and penates of post-Christian (actually postpagan) America are Money, Sex, and Power, not necessarily in that order but rather according to individual taste and proclivity.  Our household gods are grinning and chuckling malevolently from the hearth as they behold the carnival of sexual scandal and hypocrisy that has been unfolding across the land for many weeks now, a merriment in which all sane Americans should join as the Sexual Revolution of the 1960’s, like Saturn, devours its children.

Liberalism has devoted the past century to sexualizing Western societies far beyond the imagination of the old “free love” movement that commenced in the 20th century, or of any such movement from a previous era, for that matter.  Religious people and conservatives generally warned of the inevitably disastrous results of this process, but their warnings were either ignored or ridiculed by the coalescing secular culture as coming from prudes, Puritans, and reactionaries.  Sex, unregulated by civil, criminal, and religious law—and the more of it the better—was a liberating and healthy thing, liberals insisted, and they could (and did) substantiate their claims with “studies” conducted by “sex experts.”  Now—almost overnight—not only the sexual act itself but sexual flirtation and exploratory courtship are deeply suspect, whether on the job or off it, owing...

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