The Hundredth Meridian

The Hundredth Meridian
TOSCANA-LAND OF THE\r\nREAL MULTICULTURALISTS\r\nThe Rockford Institute\r\npresents\r\nAn International Convivium\r\nJoin\r\nThomas Fleming, Scott P. Richert,\r\nAndrei Navrozov, and Christopher Cheek\r\nFor an International Convivium\r\n'Tuscany: The Cultural Free Market'\r\nMarch 11-20,2002\r\nPisa, Siena, Florence, Lucca\r\nWhere is the flame of civihzation tended? hi the massive furnaces of empire? Or in the hearths of small\r\ncommunities? Wliether in ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, or the colonies of North America, civilization\r\nhas flourished where unique peoples were free to cherish and practice their tradihons and where\r\n"healthy bigotry," as Chesterton put it, fostered a spirit of cultural competition out of which sprang an\r\nabundance of inspiring songs, moving tales, uplifting buildings, and enduring ideas.\r\nToday, as subjects of America's "multicultural empire," our choices are Burger King or McDonald's,\r\nBritney Spears or Christina ,\\guilera, Yale or Harvard, Republican or Democrat, the New York Times or\r\nthe Wall Street Journal, Steven Spielberg or Steven Spielberg.\r\nFor the provincial peoples of Tuscany who recreated civilization and fought for liberty, town by town,\r\nneighborhood by neighborhood, and even street by street, the choices were Dante, Machiavelli, and\r\nPetrach, Leonardo and Michelangelo, Saint Catherine and San Bernadino. Even their villains inspired\r\nmore interest: Wliile we have to be content with Bill Clinton, the Tuscans...

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