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The Horrible Politics of "Equality for All"

Equality is a pernicious and dangerous political policy, but that’s exactly what President Obama declared in full voice in his Second Inaugural Address in January as the cause and preoccupation of his administration for the next four years.

Of course equality in the abstract is meaningless.  It becomes concrete only when we figure out what we’re talking about.  Equality of laws?  Opportunity?  Lives?  Education?  And in every case we are thrust into the domain of the state, the only entity that can achieve this equality, for in a natural condition almost nothing is equal.  Only the organized state can provide it, and hence we are in the realm of force, law, coercion, the intervention of the government into personal lives, sometimes at the most intimate level.

So we are led to the inevitable conclusion that if equality is the goal, what we have to give up, to one degree or another, is liberty.  The French had it wrong—liberté; doesn’t go with égalité; they are in a fundamental sense contradictory, and attempting to provide equality for all is a guarantee of reducing liberty for all.

Obama doesn’t know that, and it wouldn’t bother him if he did.  He is perfectly happy with the power of the state, particularly when he’s running it.

So that is why...

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