The High Price of Wealth

This is no conspiracy theory.

There is no secret group that meets secretly to make secret plans to run the global economy. All is done in the open. The global money elite is well known—the G7 leaders, the central banks, the IMF, the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, major hedge-fund managers, corporate CEOs, and others. Similarly, their monetary and financial policies are all on public record. But what is “secret” is that there is little media coverage of this elite and their policies and even less understanding by the general public of international financial and monetary affairs. Hence the global elite can get away with a good deal. And they have been doing so for decades. So says Wall Street veteran and best-selling author James Rickards.

Rickards believes the policies of the elite class will lead the world into severe economic crisis, and soon. Two titanic economic forces are now positioned against each other: deflation and inflation. The situation is unusual, and few—even the elites—can say how it will end. Rickards believes that deflation will likely occur first, soon to be followed by massive inflation, much of it engineered by that class to lessen the enormous debt burden that the world’s governments, corporations, and individuals have amassed over the last few decades. Rickards believes that this economic crisis will create social chaos, which will only embolden the...

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