The Great All-in-Agreement Debate

“Debate is masculine; conversation is feminine.”

—A. Bronson Alcott

For decades, a massive problem has been aborning in all Western countries: the increasingly difficult-to-ignore presence of ever-growing and restive ethnic minority groups alienated from the majority communities surrounding them.  These disparate groups—emboldened by our enervation and in thrall to ethnocentric demagogues masquerading as “antiracists” and Marxists masquerading as compassionate liberals—are temporarily united against the perceived common Western enemy in a constant search for further privileges, more power, and expanded geographical and cultural territory at the expense of the native population.

Over long, depressing years, mass immigration has made daily life more difficult for everyone.  It has undermined assumptions and institutions, endangered liberties, and threatens ultimately to overturn the balance of power—after which the constituent groups are likely to turn on one another, scrabbling for supremacy among the ruins of the West.  Like mass tourism, mass migration often destroys what it comes to find.

The instinct of politicians—even “conservative” leaders who should be concerned above all with conserving their various nations’ ancestral customs—is to refuse...

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