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The Grass Is Not Greener

The outcome of last November’s mid-term elections reminded us for the umpteenth time that democracy in America is a corrupt “democratic process” controlled by an elite class that conspires to make secondary issues important and to treat important issues as either irrelevant or illegitimate.  One party may be in; another, out; but the regime is in power permanently.

The model was conceived in 1865, came of age in 1933-45, and reached its full maturity in the 1960’s.  Its upholders in the upper echelons of the Stupid Party are predominantly mendacious, while those atop the Evil Party machine are criminally insane; but all-too-many elected officials and public servants in the United States combine a mix of those qualities that makes them different from one another in degree, not in kind.

The regime presents dozens of secondary issues that are supposed to galvanize us all, from “gay marriage,” flag burning, and parental notification to school prayer, amnesty, gun control, and Alaskan wildlife.  On Iraq, the parties may differ on the timetable for withdrawal or the role of our allies in the process, but not on the underlying premise that military intervention around the world is a legitimate tool of U.S. foreign policy.  The “issues” are discussed ad nauseam, but that discussion remains informed by the mandated core concepts: human rights, equality,...

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