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We hear much about misogyny (woman-hating) these days but far less about misandry (man-hating). Spreading Misandry, coauthored by a woman who has written extensively on women’s issues, identifies negative stereotypes and double standards that harm not only men but society as a whole.  Paul Nathanson and Katherine K. Young document the hostility toward, and contempt for, men that pervade our films, TV shows, universities, cartoons—even our greeting cards.  This book turns the table on the sex wars.

Misogyny is considered morally and even legally unacceptable.  Not so misandry.  Most people ignore it, excuse it, trivialize it, or even justify it, as the sex gap grows ever wider.  The problem of sexual polarization must be faced, however, not only because tolerating it is inherently dangerous but because overcoming it is inherently good.

This book avoids the emotional outbursts and charges that dominate much recent scholarship and characterize many texts and journals.  It is meticulously researched and carefully documented: There are 50 pages of notes and references.  The goal is to make clear that society has not only silenced men but dehumanized them to such an extent that many men now find it difficult to recognize their own humanity.

Fostered by political correctness, misandry dominated the 1990’s and shows no signs of abating in the new century. ...

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