Letters to the Bishop

The Fornicators’ Mass

Your Excellency:

Recently, I read in our diocesan newspaper of the “gay and lesbian Mass” offered at St. Peter’s Church in Charlotte.  According to the article, this Mass was a means of comforting those who have been ostracized by the Church and of ensuring a welcome for homosexuals that would incorporate Church teachings and pastoral concerns.  Although I am not sure what this latter statement means, I assume that this is the place where someone in authority mentions that heavy breathing and entwined limbs outside of marriage and professional wrestling matches are big no-nos.

Although I must confess that I found it necessary to conceal the large front-page headline from the eyes of my 12-year-old—my son is still rather revolted by this idea of sex between men, though I am certain, with the assistance of the Church, government, and educational system, he’ll come round one of these days—I read the article with avid interest.  How wonderful that we have become such an inclusive Church, adding sodomites to the adulterers, thieves, and other sinners who weekly attend Mass and enjoy the Sacraments—excepting Confession, of course—in our novus ordo seclorum.

Msgr. Richard Allen, who received a standing ovation for his homily, called gays and lesbians “heroes.”  His remarks made me wonder if I had taken the right path by marrying and raising a family. ...

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