Cultural Revolutions

The First Victim of Any War

Truth, the saying goes, is the first victim of any war, but as NATO's "action" in the Balkans has demonstrated, truth is under even greater attack in the "information age." Today, history is not written by the victors once the smoke has cleared, but constantly evolves; each day's truth is revealed by CNN, the ubiquitous and blabber-mouthed oracle of the New World Order.

Russia's elites, born and bred to the culture of disinformatsiya, have embraced NATO's concept of "information management," and their enemies have as well. While Moscow has its "Russian Information Center" (Rusinform) to filter, censor, concoct, and control the "news" from the Caucasus battlegrounds, the Chechens have —through the generous support of Osama Bin Ladin and Boris Berezovsk)—organized countermeasures, particularly through their website, Both sides have taken the "information war" seriously, with Russian hackers attacking the website and Chechen webmasters spawning a proliferation of alternate sites, even as Russian bombers target Chechen cellular communications and TV towers (as NATO did in Yugoslavia), and the Chechens hastily find new means to keep up the war of words.

Thus, in the never-never land of "pure Islam," Boris Yeltsin has been dead for weeks, Russian soldiers are flocking to the banners of Allah, Chechen...

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