The Fire Next Time (A Message to Culture Warriors)

Houston now has a professional soccer team, which is not something I’m especially excited about.  The team’s initial moniker, however, apparently got a rise out of the Bayou City’s “Latino” residents, many of whom, we are told, “only came here to work.”  Not only did these supposedly friendly worker bees get upset, but many of their leaders screeched at the top of their lungs about the proposed name of the team, “Houston 1836”—1836 being the year the city named after Texas hero Sam Houston was founded, as well as the year Texas won its independence from Mexico.  Those who only came to work have started acting as though they are here to stay.  The name of the team, you see, was an insult to their identity.

Admittedly, Houston 1836 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, though there was a nice alternative—the “36ers.”  But that would never do.  Anyway, how many real Americans give a damn about soccer?  Who do the team’s owners think will come see the games?  Maybe those friendly folks who only came here to work would bring their families if only the owners changed the name of the team to something like “the Dynamo.”  Then maybe those friendly folks, who really share our values, might not even boo during the national anthem, or throw beer bottles on the field, or urinate in the parking...

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