The Faults of Woodward and Trump

There’s a lot of buncombe in Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House.  Doubtless Chronicles readers heard some of it when the book was released on September 13, as the mainstream media played and replayed on the hour reports of Chief of Staff John Kelly allegedly grousing in the author’s presence that Trump’s “an idiot.  It’s pointless to try to convince him of anything.  He’s gone off the rails.  We’re in crazytown.”  We’re already familiar with Woodward’s style of “journalism.”  In Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA, 1981-87, former CIA Director Bill Casey, dying of a stroke that had rendered him unable to speak, whispered “secrets” to the Washington Post author.

If we move beyond the headlines and reports about Fear, and dig deeper into what wasn’t reported by Woodward in the volume, we may discover what Trump has actually been doing.

Or not doing, as the case may be.  For starters, amid the gossipy quotations and intimate portraits presented as the fruit of two years of careful research, there is no evidence presented of “Russian collusion.”  The press failed to mention that.  The book contains many passages on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into...

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