The Family Against the Globalists

Lederhosen versus MTV

I once knew a lady who ran for governor of the state of Pennsylvania on the promise that, if elected, she would run the state like a family.  Unfortunately, she lost the election, so we will never know what that would have been like.  (I am tempted to say that it would be impossible to run Pennsylvania any worse than it is being run.)

Is the family perfect?  Yes: It is perfect in the same way that the Catholic Church is perfect, which is to say that it is perfectly suitable for achieving the end for which it was created.  That does not mean, however, that it can fulfill functions not appropriate to it.  The family is not the same as the state, just as the family is not the same as the individual or the ethnic group.  We are all familiar with what happens when ethnic groups take control of governments in such places as Africa or Detroit.  We are probably also familiar with families who defend the criminal behavior of their own members, no matter how heinous.  (You can admire them for their family loyalty, if not for their moral probity.)  What these have in common is that each assigns to a natural institution tasks or characteristics that are completely inappropriate to it.

On the last day of the tenth annual Mut Zur Ethik conference in Feldkirch, Austria, Col. Robert Hickson of the Special Forces University in Florida; Eva-Marie Foellmer, a leading figure in Mut Zur Ethik;...

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