The Fall of Lord Blackadder and Lady Manolo (of Blahnik)

Mark Steyn once told me a revealing story about Conrad Black’s “conservative” Canadian national newspaper, the National Post.  It seems star columnist David Frum had ventured this evaluation: “The Post has a problem.  It was started to save Canada, but Canada isn’t worth saving.”

Ah, the authentic voice of the Canadian neoconservative!  Or, as English journalist Geoffrey Wheatcroft would say, the “self-hating Canadian.”  (Same thing, actually.)  Steyn remains a Canadian citizen but persists in playing the “one-man global content provider.”  Frum, as we know, coined the infamous phrase “Axis of Evil” before finally taking American citizenship.

Conrad Black actually renounced his Canadian citizenship—and in a patently insulting manner.  “For a wide range of reasons,” he announced in 2001, “citizenship of Canada is not now for me competitive with that of the United Kingdom and the European Union.”  A year earlier, when he shocked Canada by selling his newspaper semi-monopoly (except for half of the Post, later sold for one dollar, and a few minor local papers) to Izzy Asper, stalwart defender of Black’s nemesis, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, he explained: “The reputation of Canada is not particularly great amongst American investors,...

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