The Ethnic Partitioning of England

Londonistan: The content is in the book’s title.  Melanie Phillips, the author, had great difficulty in finding a publisher; no main house would take it, even though she is a distinguished and successful writer, and in the end it came out in 2006 with a minor publisher, Gibson Square.  The book’s theme is that Britain has become the European hub for the promotion, recruitment, and financing of Islamic terrorism, whose adherents are a fifth column in the land.  Ideas that can kill are spread over “a continuum of religious thought which acts as a recruiting sergeant for violence.”  The reviewers were sharply divided, with most taking the book with the utmost seriousness, while the Observer compared Phillips to “a crazed boxer” and the Independent’s Kenan Malik opined that, “if you want fear and hysteria, nobody does it better than Phillips.”  I think we have our bearings.

That was 2006.  In the dozen years since Londonistan was published, there have been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks on the Continent, and in Manchester and Westminster (March/May 2017).  At the latest atrocity, Theresa May was moved to remark, “Enough is enough,” with the air of one saying They really have gone too far this time.  These people!  The government has slowly stirred from its supine attitude toward...

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