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The Equality Shell Game

“For there is no longer Jew nor Greek, neither free man nor slave, neither man nor woman,” says Pseudo-Paul, the apostle to the Americans, “but all are equal in Christ Jesus.”  He has been studying his Pseudo-John, wherein the risen Lord says to Peter, “I have been praying for you, Simon, that you might strengthen your brothers, and that they might strengthen you exactly the same, not a tithe part of a hair the more or the less.”  Or his Pseudo-Matthew, wherein Jesus advises us that in the Kingdom of Heaven there will be neither first nor last, but all will be equal.  Such teachings inspired the poet Pseudo-Hopkins:

Glory be to God for equal things,

For skies of one unalterable blue,

And equidistant stars of one same light,

For flat land without falls or rocks or springs,

For men who march when all the others do,

Plotting out squares of cities left and right.

Conformity, correctness, and consensus,

All things diverse, perverse, but in one hue,

With straight, queer, trans, black, Hispanic, white;

So judges judge, who...

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