In Our Time

The Enemy of the People

Of all the epithets Donald Trump has delivered over the last 24 months (“Mexican immigrant thieves and rapists,” “shithole countries,” the “Mueller Witch Hunt,” etc.), none has provoked greater outrage on the part of liberals than his characterization of the media as “enemies of the people”—the media themselves included.  But just as Trump never characterized all immigrants from Mexico as rapists and thieves—he said only that such people account for a significant percentage of Mexican immigration, legal and illegal, to the United States—so, too, he did not aver that all journalists as a class, always and everywhere, are enemies of society, whether in this country or elsewhere.  He has only alluded to the simple and obvious truth that the American mainstream media have spent nearly two years trying to reverse the results of a popular election in which American voters fairly elected a president by an electoral process that adhered to constitutionally specified rules, including the stipulation that the official and final vote should be taken in the Electoral College; an institution created by the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as necessary and proper to a country composed not just of individuals, nor of states, but of culturally distinct regions as well.  Now, on the verge of another national election, they continue to do their damnedest to confound the...

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