The Empire Strikes Back

This is a brilliant and disturbing book.  Its opening sentence is “Europe is doomed.”  If you think that this is simply colorful rhetoric, read on.  Hasta la Vista Europe is not alarmist; it is alarming, making its case in great detail ranging over many issues and countries.  The pseudonymous author represents a number of researchers who have read many news reports and viewed many videotapes, offering their own graphic and incontestable angles on reality.  “The big story is about a mega-crisis, and not about us.  In line with that, we wrote the final version with a one-author voice.”  Earlier chapters are broadly thematic, while the bulk of the book describes the experience of 51 countries, ranging from Albania to Vatican City, with migrants.  The authors’ approach is consistent throughout, their focus held directly on Islamic migration.

The book deals candidly and severely with issues pertaining to Muslim migrants, including child brides and polygamy, gay rights, sharia, the financial gains that patriarchy realizes through its control of women, no-go zones for the police and security problems for ambulance personnel, and the official hijacking of unemployment figures.  Behind these, “Col. Richmond” perceives a single, indigenous issue: the problem of “the old-fashioned-controlled-media,”...

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