The Emerging American Empire

Mammon Versus Allah

Let us begin by assuming that we agree that Islam is inherently militant.  The words Muslim and Islam are derived from the Arabic word for “submission.”  Submission to the absolute authority of Allah is essential.  The heart of Islam is submission to the central credo that there is only one god, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.  At the center of all Islamic thought is the driving necessity of submission to power.  Christians should understand that the Koran is a revelation of Allah’s will and not a giving of Allah himself.  Allah is unknowable by creatures.  He may be obeyed, but he cannot be known.  This is in radical distinction to the Christian Faith, where the central act of obedience is to know God by faith in His revealed Son.

This religion of total submission is very different from the emerging (and polytheistic) American empire that is currently in conflict with radical Islam.  It seems strange to most Americans to speak of an American empire, but an acknowledgement of the facts is long overdue.  Americans are willing to admit that our nation is a superpower, and, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it happens that we are the sole remaining superpower.  But, for all that, we still think of ourselves as a reluctant superpower.  For numerous reasons, this is not quite true.  As Charles Beard once...

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