The Elite of El Bronx

Letter From Nueva York

The Hispanic elite have decided that the best way to control the lives of millions of Latin immigrants and illegal aliens flooding into America's cities is to prevent them from learning English. The elites can then preside over a separate, parallel "Hispanic Nation," full of angry, illiterate victims of "white racism."

Recent developments at the City University of New York (CUNY) reveal the nature of "bilingualism" as the best method yet devised to prevent students from learning English. While eight of CUNY's 17 two- and four-year colleges have English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, Hostos, Bronx, and Kingsborough community colleges have "bilingual" programs. However, Hostos is unique in having been founded in 1970 as a "bilingual" (read; English-free) college.

A Bronx-based bastion of Puerto Rican separatism, Hostos Community College became a cause celebre this May, when students boycotted the English Writing Assessment Test (WAT), a graduation requirement at all CUNY colleges. It seems that the passing rate for the WAT had dropped from 20 percent in 1995 to 12.8 last year. The boycotters complained that the test was too hard, and had too much influence on their final grade. After all, their professors were giving their class work passing grades. Why were strange professors grading the exams? One student explained to a reporter that she "knew" English,...

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