The Dialectic of Suicide

“A nation never falls but by suicide.”

—R.W. Emerson

The ambush was prepared and actually triggered several months before Samuel Huntington’s Who Are We? appeared in print.  When Mr. Huntington, the author of The Clash of Civilizations and a leading political scientist at Harvard, published last winter an excerpt from his new book dealing with the threat posed to American national cultural identity by mass immigration from Latin America, he was lambasted almost at once in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Chronicle of Higher Education, while the Washington Post ran a tinny Style section satire ridiculing his thesis and the idea that immigration could ever possibly be a “threat” to anyone.  Probably not since the publication of The Bell Curve in 1994 have the serried ranks of the establishment media and the ruling class they serve closed so quickly on a book offering ideas they find inconvenient to their myths and interests.

The threat they perceived had nothing to do with mass immigration or the loss of a cultural core identity that Huntington laments but, rather, with the prospect that anyone, especially a major Harvard academic of Huntington’s stature, might think immigration could threaten the American...

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