The Devil You Know

One of the ways in which Bill Clinton presented himself as a “New Democrat” was his insistence that he wanted abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.”  Twenty-four years after Clinton’s election to the presidency, the national Democratic Party has given up any attempt to claim that they believe abortion is anything other than a positive good.  Abortion is no longer a “necessary evil” or an “unavoidable tragedy” or any of the other phrases designed both to acknowledge and to hide the reality of the act; today, as another Clinton vies for the highest office in the land, abortion is “healthcare,” pure and simple.  That it leads to the death of one human being and the emotional and spiritual scarring of others can no longer be admitted, because the ideology of the culture of death brooks no opposition.

Yet the sea change on abortion is not confined to the Democrats.  Here in the great state of Illinois, harbinger of America’s economically and morally bankrupt future, a Republican governor is poised to sign into law SB1564, an amendment to the Health Care Right of Conscience Act that will, in fact, require physicians and healthcare workers to go against their consciences and refer patients for morally objectionable “procedures,” chief among them surgical and chemical abortion.  Furthermore, the physician whose conscience is being...

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