The Deserted Mall

The Deserted Mall
could be activated on a freighter sailing\r\nunder the Verazzano or the Golden Gate\r\nBridge. Missile defense will cost trillions\r\nof dollars that could be more usefully deplo\\\r\ncd in making America's frontiers,\r\ncoasts and ports of entr\\' impenetrable to\r\nall illegal entrants, regardless of race,\r\ncreed, or national origin.\r\nReform the "intelligence communih."\r\nIt has failed niiserabh', because it is\r\nsimph' not designed to counter terrorist\r\nthreats, but the long-dead communist\r\nthreat. There is no subshtute for human\r\nassessments and undercover reporting\r\nbased on a thorough understanding of\r\nthe social, cultural, and historical milieu,\r\nhiconspicuous agents on the ground —\r\nnot more electronic gadgetrv—can idcntib.-,\r\ntarget, and destro\\ the people and organizations\r\nwho can, and will, strike\r\nagain. The large and loyal Arab Christian\r\ncommunih' in the United States has\r\nthe resources and the will to help get the\r\njob done.\r\nIsolate the hvsterical and irresponsible\r\nneoconser\\ati\\e cabal that still hopes to\r\ncontrol \\ou. The\\' have forfeited any\r\nright to \\our ear bv attempting to exploit\r\nthe traged\\- of September 11 to enhance\r\nour "passionate attachment" in the Middle\r\nI'.ast, which helped create the problem\r\nin the first place. Thcv also wanted\r\nthis countr\\' to initiate an all-out war with\r\nall of the enemies—whether real, potential,\r\nor imagined—of our supposedly "onh\r\nreliable allv...

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