The Danger of PICS—Politically Incorrect Cartoons

Stereotypes to the right of them, stereotypes to the left of them, the politically correct volley and thunder at every image that might offend the sensitive soul of the approved victim. Dartmouth's comic Indian mascot turned into an unsmiling noble savage, then was abolished altogether. First the Frito Bandito's politically unacceptable gold tooth disappeared, then it was noticed that he himself wasn't particularly p.c. either, and he vanished into the sunset. Aunt Jemima lost her culinarily reassuring but racist (and weightist) avoirdupois and transmuted into a jazzy Diana Ross lookalike. Yet a fountainhead of politically incorrect imagery remains free to corrupt the souls of America's youth: the animated cartoon, especially as practiced by the long shadow of that dead Euro-American white male, Walt Disney.

Disney is full of attacks upon the sensibilities of the politically correct. Scrooge McDuck has done untold harm to the Scots among us, who are full of generous impulses yet find few role models of a careless liberality with money. Lady and the Tramp is shockingly p.i. with its Chihuahua much worse than the above-mentioned Bandito and with its pair of Siamese cats, who do nothing to promote positive attitudes toward Asians. Even Lady has been denounced as a paradigm of 1950's containment, who trades her sexual liberty for a marriage license and a leash. And the crows on the fence in Dumbo...

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