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The Culture War Crosses the Atlantic

The course of 2013 in France, Ireland, and Britain provides important lessons for those resisting the left’s attempt to remove Christian influence from public life in America.

On April 23, the Socialist government of François Hollande succeeded in making France the 14th country to legalize gay marriage, something he had promised to do during his 2012 campaign against the hapless Nicolas Sarkozy.  But Hollande’s push for gay marriage did something Sarkozy could never do: It unified and galvanized conservatives and traditionalists across France.  Paris saw two enormous demonstrations against gay marriage before Hollande’s legislation passed, with organizers claiming that 1.3 million marched against gay marriage in January and 1.4 million in March.  Opponents of the legislation stressed the benefits to children of being raised by a father and a mother (the new law allows homosexuals to adopt) and argued that the legislation would require the terms father and mother to be removed from the Civil Code.  (Even before the legislation passed, the French national railroad had replaced the offending terms on its forms with “parent 1” and “parent 2.”)  These arguments won over many, even some French homosexuals.  An article in the February 20 National Catholic Register quoted Jean-Marc, a mayor and a homosexual,...

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