The Crisis in the Anglosphere

Pro-democratic ideological think tanks that evaluate the future of democracy by the extent of its global spread and the fortunes of relatively insignificant countries around the world (the Third one, especially) should be far more concerned with events currently occurring in the Mother of Parliaments in Westminster and with present political trends in one of the two major parties in her first and historically most important and distinguished offspring, the United States of America.  In the first instance, a Parliament 74 percent of whose members voted in the national referendum three years ago for the United Kingdom to remain imprisoned by the sinister European Union is deliberately defying the expressed will of the British people to leave it.  Several of these honorables, indeed, have expressed their view that the voters should, and need, not be heeded in this matter—or, apparently, in any other on which they disagree with their so-called representatives.  In the second, a significant portion of the Democratic Party is succumbing to the most blatant demagoguery in the history of this country.

The British debate over membership in the E.U. and the nation’s relationship with the Continent has brought down four prime ministers and is about to unhorse another.  Three years ago, David Cameron decided to settle the business once and for all.  To do so, he thought, was of especial importance to his own...

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