The Cost of Normalization

There has been for years a growing clamor in the United States demanding a “normalization” of economic and diplomatic relations with Cuba.  But the sources of the clamor have become more varied, as have their motivations.  At first there were only the lefties, fans of the “real socialism” supposedly found in the Marxist-Leninist paradise of Cuba.  The lefties are still active, but now they have been joined by various others, including conservatives and libertarians of various kinds.

There are those who want access to Cuba’s beaches and to prostitutes of both sexes, such as Europeans now enjoy.  (In fact, European entrepreneurs regularly organize sex cruises to Cuba.)  After all, as Fidel Castro once boasted, Cuba offers the best-educated prostitutes in the world, as even college girls sell themselves in desperation to make ends meet.

Then there are the financiers and businessmen (who may or may not belong also to one of the above categories), anxious to sell stuff to Cuba, knowing that when—not if—they are not paid, they will be paid by U.S. taxpayers.

Marxist-Leninist Cuba already owes millions of dollars to countries with which she has commercial relations and faces great difficulties in obtaining credit.  She simply lacks the wherewithal to buy much abroad.  The United States would suffer the same fate as these countries.  But...

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