In Our Time

The Convenient Religion

Everyone in America today—right, left, or middle, if there still is one—can agree that the explosive political response to Donald Trump’s presidency is unprecedented in American political history.  Liberals’ clinically hysterical reaction to the President’s plans for The Wall, to the travel ban, to his response to the Charlottesville affair, and to his cancellation of his predecessor’s executive order permitting participants in DACA to remain in the country for a fixed period of time and apply for work permits here demonstrated that the nature of the profound disagreement between Trump and his critics is not essentially political, but religious.  For liberals, Trumpism is heresy against what has been called the modern American civic religion, but is actually religion pure and simple.  The reaction against the reaction is nothing less than the outraged response by America’s national church against dissenters from its unwritten creed.  American politicians, Republican and Democratic, have been trying to conceal the fact from the country by their increasingly frequent and now frantic appeals to “America’s core values,” or, more simply and inexactly, to “who we are”—cant phrases which upon examination reflect only the “values” that liberals of both parties have invented and tried to impose on Americans for decades.  Their appeals having...

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