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The Contempt of Obama

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By:Tom Piatak | November 21, 2014

There is much to be said about Barack Obama’s announcement last night of an executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, and other Chronicles writers have already addressed several important aspects. But I would like to say a word about what this announcement reveals about President Obama. Last night, Barack Obama showed that he holds our laws in contempt, both our immigration laws and the Constitution. As Obama himself stated in 2011, “there are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.” Obama may not like the fact that the House Republicans have refused to give him an immigration bill he wants to sign, but the House of Representatives is under no obligation to provide the president with legislation to his liking, and the Constitution does not give the president the right to overturn the laws that Congress has actually passed. 

Barack Obama also showed that he holds the American people in contempt. Earlier this month, Americans went to the polls and voted against Barack Obama and his policies. Far from showing that the American people support amnesty for illegal immigrants, the midterm elections revealed, once again, that the American people are opposed to amnesty, which is precisely the reason the House has not acted the way Obama wants. But Barack Obama does not care what the American people want, anymore than he cares what the Constitution says. Indeed, what president who had the interests of Americans at heart would open our borders at a time when the federal government’s broadest measure of unemployment shows that 11.5% of Americans are unemployed and other economists believe that the true rate of unemployment, taking into account all those who are underemployed or who have left the labor market because they couldn’t find work, is closer to 20%?

Finally, Barack Obama showed his contempt for America. He does not recognize America as a real country, one with borders to defend, a national identity to preserve, and national interests to advance. If several million Americans had moved illegally to Mexico, it is unlikely that Obama would demand that Mexico change its laws to allow them to stay, much less that Mexicans toss aside their traditions and begin speaking English to make the gringos feel more welcome. For Obama, America is, at most, a vehicle to advance an abstract ideology.

Six years ago, some people associated with American conservatism dubbed themselves “Obamacons” and wrote essays presenting Obama as a moderate, even conservative figure. Some of them are still at it. Obama’s actions last night show just how deluded these folks were.


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11/21/2014 06:22 PM

  Yes, Obama is all that and more but let's also look at Mr. Bush and his disciples which so many are proposing as a solution. Bush envisioned a Mexican border open to labor, to trade, and open to investment-especially investment in energy. Mexico had banned foreign investment in its energy industry in 1938, and ever since, Mexican oil production has been controlled by the creaky, corrupt, and polluting state monopoly, Pemex. If Mexico opened itself to the exploration and development of its oil resources by American entrepreneurs & technology, Mexican oil might possibly displace Arab oil from the US market altogether. For this energy “quid,” Mexico would of course demand some equally valuable “quo”-and in Bush’s mind that “quo” was immigration reform. Bush believed that immigration was valuable to the US and praised it again and again in public speeches and his private conversations. So the Bush administration designed a system for regularizing the Mexican-US labor relationship-not an amnesty like that of 1986, but a grander system for enabling Mexicans to work in the US temporarily and then to go home again.

John Seiler
Huntington Beach
11/23/2014 07:45 AM

  Good points. I knew a couple of those nutty "Obamacons." Although McCain was hideous in his own psychotic way. And out here in California, the Conservative Party (called the American Independent Party) strangely did not nominate their national candidate, Chuck Baldwin. Instead they put up but Neocon Alan Keyes, who had lost to Obama in the 2004 Illinois U.S. Senate race, 70-27, and way before that was Neocon Kingpin Bill Kristol's roommate at Hahvaharhd. So the "conservative" choices that year were Neocon McCain and Neocon Keyes.


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