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The Coming Decade of Hillary

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By:Srdja Trifkovic | April 14, 2015

It is idle to pretend: Hillary R. Clinton will be the next president. A nation capable of electing, and then re-electing, Barack Hussein Obama is perfectly ready to make the most influential woman in the world the most powerful person on this planet.

The math is on her side (and let us not imagine that the Evil Party will select anyone but her). Millions of real Americans are dying every year, and a new melange – including millions of recently naturalized Third World welfare-scroungers, and further millions of native-born, identity-challenged postmodernians – are taking their place.

Even if the GOP were to field a decent, hard-working, self-made patriot willing to challenge her Weltanschauung (a most unlikely prospect), she would prevail. The electorate in the swing states has been moving her way, relentlessly, for years. The Republican candidate will be some Jeb Cruz-Rubio figure, devoid of interesting ideas and courage. Her 2016 victory will be convincing.

No likely opponent will challenge her on Benghazi, a skeleton if there ever was one, because that would require revisiting the entire rationale of “engaging” jihadists in pursuit of idiotically defined Middle Eastern objectives – a Republican specialty par excellence.

Yes, Jeb Cruz-Rubio will mention those e-mails, to no effect, but he will not dare challenge Mrs. Clinton on the 1996 fib about her landing at Bosnia’s Tuzla airport under sniper fire. That could open her husband’s Balkan can of worms, on which there is a vile bipartisan narrative firmly in place.

On foreign affairs, he will have to try and out-hawk this liberal-interventionist hawk on steroids, whose disregard for long-established international norms and mechanisms in diplomatic practice – evident during her tenure at the Department of State – was as revolutionary on the global scene as Obama’s presidency has been domestically.

Of course he will not challenge her un-American, corporatist, liberal-fascist paradigm that demands permanent cultural revolution at home and permanent “engagement” abroad, because the GOP is on the same page. No, he will not challenge a foreign policy that is part-Ribbentrop, part-New Age. Any outcome desired by Hillary Clinton was as nonnegotiable two years ago as it will be for the future GOP candidate. Any opposition to the will of the “international community” will be to both more than a personal affront, it will be an insult to “history” and to the one exceptional nation. 

Jeb Cruz-Rubio will subscribe to the same paradigm 101 percent, and perhaps accuse her of not being duly diligent in its application. For both, to lie for the higher truth is a virtue, and to enforce the lie is a test of will – but she will hold the ace of “experience.”

Yes, this woman will be our next president. She deserves it, of course, being the embodiment of the post-1945 generation, which grew up in Ike’s cuddled decade of apparent certainties, spoilt and egged on by an elder generation of idiots blissfully unaware of the budding vampire in the upstairs bedroom. The baby boom, the harbinger of “change” when it came of age in the 1960s, “has turned America into a bloody imperial hegemon [abroad] and a bankrupt Spy State at home where financialization and the one-percent thrive, half the populations lives off the state and real main street prosperity has virtually disappeared from the land.”

Like all gothic story monsters, Hillary is us.



Iliya Pavlovich
Palm Springs, FL
4/14/2015 04:55 PM

  Isn't there some hope elsewhere? Any little hope will do.

4/14/2015 05:04 PM

  I really don't see Hillary winning, because I think that there is a less-than-50%-chance that she gets the nomination. Barack is a man that is right for his time, a third-world president for a third-world population. I think that the Left has moved on from the likes of Hillary and other old white people. Hillary is too confident, arrogant, and sure of herself. Unless, the white candidate was a real weak, self-loathing progressive like Bill DeBlasio, I think the Democrats are done with old white people.

Harry Colin
East Palestine, OH
4/14/2015 05:31 PM

  This piece is the best brief summary of what America has become that I've read. Despite the incredulity of it all, I agree that HRC will be the next occupant of the Oval Office. While I agree with MD that younger leftists will not be enthused by her, the electoral balance is hugely in her favor. What states that Romney did not win in 2012 will the latest GOPer win this time? Pennsylvania, a swing state as recently as Bill Clinton's administration in out of reach for a Republican; Ohio has gone that way recently and even a very popular Kasich won't be able to convert those votes he won in Youngstown and Cleveland last year into votes for Jeb Rubiocruz in 2016. With unrestrained immigration, a GOP candidate will have enough trouble holding onto once safe states. Also, no matter how much Kool-Aid they ingest, the GOP will not capture Hispanic votes no matter who heads the ticket.

4/14/2015 05:33 PM

  Gentlemen, Even if there was a tiny audience who still believed in real elections between two different candidates from two different political parties aspiring to be statesmen and leaders of a country each loved, Dr. Wilson has taught me convincingly over the years that it would still be forbidden to that tiny audience unless the candidates could find a way to go directly to them. For the folks who rule over us today, who provide us our meager news, who set the limits of our discussions, who frame our choices, etc. For these happy few, fraternal twins are ok but identical twins are best

Bryan Fox
4/14/2015 07:04 PM

  Hillary will be the next President. Imperial, royal she shall be. Unless Obama signs an executive order, the 22nd Amendment be damned as is the constitution in general, extending his term. Call it a ridiculous stretch, but looking back at the last six years his actions would never had been believed possible even ten years past. The more probable deterrent to her ascension would be the elitist cabal that includes Buffet and Soros will find other turtle to their liking and place it on the executive fence post.


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