The Coming Belgoslavia?

Letter From Belgium

What was meant to grow separately cannot last long as an artificial whole.  This prehistoric wisdom seems to be forgotten by advocates of multiculturalism—which is just a misleading euphemism for polyethnism and multiracialism.  The unpredictable side of multiracial conviviality seems to be deliberately overlooked by political elites in multiethnic and multiracial Belgium, a miniscule country that has recently been rocked by pedophile scandals in the lofty corners of high politics.  Its venerable royal court, under King Albert, and the liberal-leftist coteries in power have found themselves popularly referred to as the “Chester Molesters in charge of running Belgoslavia.”

The separatist-minded Flemings also derisively dub the Belgian state “the last Soviet republic.”  There may be some truth to that appellation, and not just because Brussels is the site of the Ceausescu-style building that houses the E.U. eurocrats.  The Belgian postal authorities have recently produced a stamp with Lenin’s face on it.  That which would be violently rejected in the more virile postcommunist Balkans or Russia seems to enjoy market value among the political class and socialist trade unions in this artificial state.  By contrast, any minor and inoffensive joke against the rising tide of illegal Asian immigrants, or any criticism of the Asian and Albanian drug dealers who have invaded...

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