Between the Lines

The Coming Backlash

The media frenzy that greeted the victory of Donald Trump is now reaching a pinnacle of manic hysteria.  Every single day, it seems, there is some new toxic, trumped-up accusation: He’s a Russian agent!  He’s obstructing justice!  He’s wants to repeal the First Amendment!  Members of the media, who are indeed playing to Trump’s characterization of them as the “enemy of the people,” have worked themselves up into such a frothy-mouthed fit that it’s hard to see how much longer this can go on.  And the political class is mobilizing—both the Democratic and Republican wings of it—for the coup de grâce.

They mean to get rid of him, by hook or by crook—and is it me, or have there been an unusual number of fence-jumpers at the White House since Trump took office?

This series of alleged crises all bear the marks of being manufactured, and rather shoddily constructed at that: They have the Made in Washington stamp on them, hardly the insignia of quality.  The firing of James Comey is purported to be a blunder of world-historical proportions, and one the Democrats and their cowardly Republican enablers hope to gin up as evidence that justice is somehow being obstructed.  How so?  Well, you see, Comey was investigating the crazed conspiracy theory that Trump is a Kremlin agent who is plotting to raise the Russian eagle...

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