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The Cohn Zone

I suppose it was appropriate that I first heard the commercial just as we crossed into Winnebago County, returning from a whirlwind weekend trip to Michigan.  At first, the words didn’t register; it was only when I heard the voice of Kris Cohnor rather, Kristine O’Rourke Cohn, since it is an election year, after all—in the last few seconds of the commercial that I woke up and realized just what I had been listening to:

Hello.  This is Jim Edgar.  As your former secretary of state, I know how the office touches everyone.  And we all share in the frustration over the long lines and wait for services.  But I think I have a solution.  I urge you to get to know Kristine O’Rourke Cohn, candidate for secretary of state.  Currently, Kristine O’Rourke Cohn is the county-board chairman in Winnebago County, where she manages 1,800 employees and balances a budget of over $100 million.

People like Kristine.  She’s thoughtful, energetic, and believes government should work for us, not against us.  Kristine O’Rourke Cohn is a proven, professional administrator and will be a breath of fresh, clean air.  I know she has the right experience to cut the long lines and restore people’s confidence in state government.  On November 5, I’m voting for Kristine O’Rourke Cohn for secretary of state.  I urge you to...

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