The Church and NGO’s Shall I Crucify Your King?

Shall I Crucify Your King?

“I hope a stamp from this place works for America.”  So reads a postcard that my mother, as a girl of 20, sent her parents from the Vatican in 1950.  I remember teasing her about her doubts when, as an undergraduate, I unearthed the postcard in my grandmother’s attic three decades later.  When I cockily suggested that her Episcopalian girls’ school had needed a lecture or two on political geography or history, she smiled wearily, as she usually did when challenged, and said, “Well, it just never occurred to me that a church could be its own country.”  This exchange came to mind when perusing the website and related links of a U.N.-recognized NGO called Catholics for a Free Choice.  This entity, which seems to have publications but no membership or meetings, promotes abortion, contraception, and, through a similarly fantastic cyberspace subsidiary, the overthrow of the Holy See’s status as a state.  A header on Seechange.org asks: “The Catholic Church at the United Nations: Church or State?”  We read there that, “Call it the Holy See, the Vatican, or the Roman Catholic church, it’s a religion, not a country . . . We believe that the Holy See, the government of the Roman Catholic church, should participate in the UN in the same way as the world’s other religions do—as a non-governmental organization.” ...

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