The Christian Zionist Threat to Peace

Spend Your Vacation Fighting for Israel

In assessing the political conditions necessary to establish a lasting peace in Israel-Palestine, Americans are confronted with a theological question: Does the Bible insist that Christians take a certain view regarding the treatment of the Jewish people in particular, their presence in the Holy Land, or the placement of the borders of Israel?

One particular subset of American Christianity answers that question in the affirmative.  Yes, they believe, the Bible does mandate that we treat the Jews—specifically, the Jews of Israel—not merely as another ethnic group of fallen (sinful) people, made in the image of God and in need of the Gospel, but as one that holds God’s unique favor and is deserving of our full, unconditional support.  This subset is made up largely of American evangelicals who are committed to something called dispensationalism.  “The essence of Dispensationalism,” according to Charles Ryrie, a dispensationalist theologian, “Is the distinction between Israel and the Church.  This grows out of [our] consistent employment of normal or plain interpretation, and it reflects an understanding of the basic purpose of God in all His dealings with mankind as that of glorifying Himself through salvation and other purposes as well.”

The fruits of this “normal or plain interpretation” of the Bible have raised any number of red flags for...

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