The Boys in the Back Room

The Boys in the Back Room
American people — to answer this qnestion.\r\nDraw ing npon classical republican\r\nw isdoni, he offers a rep]\\ that is as prudent\r\nin counsel as it is disturbing in diagnosis:\r\nC)ul\\- when the boch' of the people\r\nas a w hole has awakened to tlic full extent\r\nof die usurpations and injustices perpetrated\r\namong them does armed resistance\r\nbecome an\\ thing more than suicidal\r\nniarhrdoin. hi a hmc when sheep-like\r\ncontentment and dependence on die total\r\nstate are matched h\\ a willfid blindness\r\nliefore eroded liberties, ue need to\r\nadmit that we are nowhere near that\r\npoint, and wc must concentrate instead\r\nupon educating and forging links with\r\nour fellow cihzens, persuading the open\r\nminds among us, and moinitiug challenges\r\nin the eoiu'ts to laws that deu\\' our\r\nconshtutional liberties.\r\nScott J.ahti writes from Colorado.\r\nThe Boys in the\r\nBack Room\r\nby J.O. Tate\r\nSelected Letters of\r\nDashiell Hanimett, 1921-1960\r\nedited h\\ Richard Inyman\r\nwitIi]iilieW.Rirctt\r\nWashington, D.C.: Counterpoint;\r\n(Wl pp., $40.00\r\nThe Raymond Chandler Papers:\r\nSelected Letters and Noiifietion,\r\n1909-1959\r\nedited by Tom Hinev\r\nand Frank MacShane\r\n\\ e i r York: Atlantic Monthlv Press;\r\n267 pp., $25.00\r\nIf \\ ()u are looking for liferar\\ reflections\r\nor informahon about the nitentions of\r\nthe author ol Red llarxest, ihe Maltese\r\nFalcon, and ihe Class Key, forget about\r\nit. There is i^reeious little of that in\r\nDashiell...

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