Cultural Revolutions

The Bishop's Hot Tub

The American Catholic Church has leaned left for so long that it’s hardly news any more.  This began way back when Cardinal Gibbon overruled Pope Benedict XV’s plea for peace during the Great War and pledged to President Wilson the undying fighting loyalty of millions of American Catholic boys (including my father, to whom Gibbon gave a personal pro-war pep talk at Catholic University in the winter of 1916-17).  Most Catholic bishops today grew up Democrats, so it has been easy for them to buy into the agenda of the Democratic Party, blissfully unaware of any contradiction between the party’s social agenda and the Catholic Church’s commitment to the defense of human life.  What Pope John Paul II called the “Culture of Death” is, in America, championed primarily by the Democratic Party—although the GOP is catching up fast—and the bishops are joined to it at the hip.

From time to time, however, reality intrudes, as it did, big-time, this past January, when Catholic Charities of Richmond, Virginia, actually arranged an abortion for a minor child that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) had placed with them for safekeeping.  The responsible bishops managed to keep the tragedy secret for several months, but The Wanderer, a small Catholic weekly, broke the story in June, and all hell broke loose.

The bishops’ Washington headquarters is...

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