The Best Schooling Money Can Buy

Well, the jury, they see their facts.  My thoughts of the jury, they old, that’s old-school people.  We in a new school, our generation, my generation.

Poor Rachel Jeantel has been ridiculed for her diction, elocution, and irrationality, but in her interview with Piers Morgan she makes a valid point in contrasting “old-school people” who “see their facts” with her own “new-school generation” for whom facts, if they have any significance at all, are subordinated to considerations of race, age, and “gender.”

Poor Rachel’s bad grammar, worse diction, and unintelligible pronunciation have been blamed on her Caribbean background, but her primitive speech—distinguishing neither tense nor number—and her logic-free style of reasoning are products less of the vibrant cultures of Santo Domingo than of our own government-subsidized ghettos whose vicious habits have been reinforced by public education.  White “kids” may not speak quite the same dialect, but the ungrammatical lingo and the sing-song patterns of Valleyspeak have been so universalized that it is not uncommon to hear them in the mouths of the poor benighted economists and sociologists who jabber away on NPR.  When I meet college students and even graduate students these days, I have to ask them to repeat themselves: Half the time, I honestly do not...

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