The Asiatic Parallel

World War II has been very slow to yield up its secrets.  We learned easily about the heinous misdeeds perpetrated by the Axis powers upon innocent populations, but it has been harder to expose and explain the “secrets” of our conduct toward innocent civilians and ordinary soldiers who came under our control or influence.  And while research reveals many instances of brutal behavior by Western soldiers, both officers and enlisted men, the behavior of Soviet Russian and Eastern European soldiers, goaded by their leaders and empowered through Allied agreements, established the nadir of murderous bestiality in modern times.  These “Allied” crimes took place at the end of the war and were attendant upon the expulsion of ethnic Germans from historic Germany and other lands they had occupied for hundreds of years.

Shedding light on this shadowy subject is the object of this book and others by Dr. Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, an historian, international lawyer, and former U.N. official who resides in Geneva, Switzerland.  A Terrible Revenge presents the human side of an Allied policy of bitter yet casual retribution toward ordinary Germans caught in the maelstrom at the end of the war.

As their weary armies gave way before the victors, the plight of the eastern Germans was made plain to all who would see.  The Soviets and their cohorts unleashed a campaign of brutality second...

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