The APA: Sanctioning the Sexual Abuse of Children

At its May 2013 meeting in San Francisco, the American Psychiatric Association released the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  Among changes from the previous edition is the renaming of what was formerly termed “gender identity disorder.”  (The American Medical Association uses the term “gender disorder,” classifying it as a “serious medical condition.”)  The new APA label, “gender dysphoria,” removes the pejorative suggestion of “disorder,” and thus pleases the transsexual activists who campaigned for years to get the word expunged and believe, presumably, that the new term is “less pathologizing.”  Incidentally, Dys- has the same etymology as dis- (“bad,” “abnormal”), but phoria, from Greek pherein, “bear,” suggests malaise.  The altered terminology is a result of intense propaganda efforts by outspoken partisans, which are in turn expressions of changed attitudes toward bodies and sexuality—especially the sexualizing of behavior at an early age—and the drive to legitimize these changes and expand their scope.  Among the campaigners was WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.  As one observer noted, transgenderism has replaced homosexuality as the newest civil-rights...

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