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That Demagogue

In the November issue, Justin Raimondo characterizes Rand Paul as weak-kneed, neocon-appeasing, and spineless (“Who Hates Trump?,” Between the Lines).  I’m not sure why Mr. Raimondo does this; however, he does make one observation about Donald Trump that I think is important.  He states that Trump “may be . . . a demagogue who will bring the whole rotten system down.”

Mr. Raimondo makes his sarcastic observations about American politics from a position that keeps him deliberately “isolated from the fray.”  I guess we can assume that he would not sully himself by actively supporting any candidate of any party, though he will cheer Mr. Trump “from the sidelines.”

Mr. Raimondo can remain on his lofty libertarian perch and make his observations virtually unhampered in this rotten system so long as there still remains within it a politically active segment that values at least a modicum of civilized discourse.

When his decidedly unlofty countrymen elect a blustering demagogue who seems to hate the same people Mr. Raimondo hates, it’s very unlikely that the resultant system will be any less rotten or any more libertarian than the one he refuses to participate in.

At present, Mr. Raimondo may remain disengaged and free to voice his hatreds.  A future demagogic...

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