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Texas: Exes and Sexes

When Texas Child Protective Services seized the children of mothers belonging to the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, I wondered if the Independent Republic was turning Yankee.  The seizure was an abuse of power against the fundamental institution of all human societies—the family.  Fortunately, the ruling on May 23 by the state’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals (confirmed by the Texas Supreme Court on May 29), which condemned the action as illegal, restores my faith in the sanity of Texans.

Naturally, the feminist child-savers at the TCPS are appalled by the ruling, but what did they expect?  Their case rested on the allegation that on the FLDS ranch there was a pervasive atmosphere of abuse of children and minors, which entitled them to seize all the children without proving in any one case that a particular child had been abused or even was in imminent danger of abuse.  The smoking gun in the case was a telephone call from a girl who claimed to have been abused. When she turned out to be a middle-aged ex-member with a grudge, the case should have fallen apart, but like our Texan President, who kept on changing his excuse for invading Iraq, the prosecutors moved on to other allegations.

I do not know why such a strange religion as Mormonism was ever tolerated outside of Utah, but I do not make the laws.  Mormonism is legal, and so is Fundamentalist Mormonism.  However...

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